Writing Therapy

We juggle many things. We have many responsibilities. We expend our efforts and energies on work, life, family, projects and whatnot. Sometimes we’re still doing it all while running on empty.

This is when we break down. We’re exhausted, foggy brained, drained and uninspired. We’ve forgotten to take care of ourselves. The well has run dry.

Self-care is important. It is imperative to redirect our energies and focus on ourselves, even if it’s for a little bit, and revitalize ourselves so that we can thrive. It’s not so easy sometimes. I understand. Let’s start by calming down the chattering mind. If it’s not chattering, if things are bottled up, journaling can let things out. It can help relieve anxiety in general, calm the mind, and give you the time you need for yourself. Your quiet time.

There are different ways to journal. Some people enjoy lined pages where they can journal in a stream of consciousness. There are other types of journaling like simple prompts that guide the journaling conversation, or religious verses that can be used for journaling and contemplation. Then there are also bullet journals, junk journals and coloring journals.

These are a few types of journaling methods that you can employ to help you unwind and de-stress as well as help with the creative outlet and self-expression.

Creative Writing

pen near black lined paper and eyeglasses

Creative writing can be a wonderful outlet for self expression. Not everybody wants to write or journal about their feelings and troubles. For some, writing stories creatively can be that which allows them to let go, detach, and unwind from the realities of every day life.

Does this resonate with you?

Would you embark on an adventure that only you can map out?

creative, be creative, write-725811.jpg

Try writing a short story.

Writing Flash fiction is a good way to start.

Tap into your inner author and craft the latest novel. Your creative energies are in full force when you open the flood gates of imagination, inspiration, and desire. Put pen to paper or tap on your keyboard. Let the words flow and watch how the story unfolds.

ai generated, book, magic

Combine different myths into your story.

Throw in a plot twist at the end.

Escape into worlds of your own creation where the laws of physics may or may not apply. Enter the realm of magic where you live as an Elf Wizard or a Mage Princess. Explore the vast depths of the ocean while riding the hippocampus that you took from the Royal Stables of King Neptune. Your imagination has no borders. Let go of inner restrictions and soar!

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